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Welcome to my house! This is my first attempt at a home page, so please excuse the mess while it's under construction! I've already made some changes, and it will probably be changing again! Finding the time it takes is my greatest challenge right now. I've got some new ideas for more pages, but it will take me some time to get it together. Stay tuned!

I have added some links to some of my favorite places, so check them out, also. If you like cats, or love to travel to laid-back places, these links are for you! There's also some links to some really cool WebTV people who have been a great help in this endeavor, and I've added pages especially for WebTV homepages. Check them out......they're here for you!

If you couldn't tell, I'm a cat lover. I've been searching all over for some cat pictures, and I've found a lot that I like. If you have some really good ones, and you don't mind "sharing", send me the url. I greatly appreciate it!

GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK!! Yes, I really do want to know what you think!

While you're here, take a minute to sign my guestbook. I'm new at this home page thing, but I do plan on making changes and additions as I learn the ropes. Your patience is appreciated!


The Heartland, USA

Come back often and check out the progress!

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